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Willemijn Overmars/ Visual Artist / Illustrator / Painter / Screenprinter

Willemijn Overmars is a visual artist based in Groningen.

Above all she's an illustrator and a painter, but there is more to discover about her and her work

What started out just as a hobby,  has grown into a real full-time job.
After some assignments just for friends, more and more people and organisations in Groningen and beyond started to discover the colorful and recognisable work. 
Her business naturally grew into 'Willemijnswerk', later 'WILLEMYN' and besides her own work, she started doing commissioned work from 2008. You can find Willemijn's art in small or large objects, inside and outside,  on clothes, murals, cards, a food truck, as part of a logo or brand design or on the wall in somebody's home.

Willemijn is a sensitive, but energetic and open-minded soul which is visible in her work.

It's colourful, has detailed patterns, abstract or flowing lines, flowers and other organic forms and figures, sometimes with a slight nod to life to stay open and playful. She makes serious, sometimes big, artworks that make you feel joyful, young and spontaneous. She loves to be adventurous and keeps growing as an artist by continuously stepping out of her comfort zone by trying new materials. She gets her inspiration out of everything that comes across while living a cultural and mindful lifestyle. She has a strong interest in secondhand, the 60's and 'Jugendstil'. Inspiration manifests itself in her imagination while strolling through thrift shops or doing some daydreaming while travelling, visiting musea and festivals,or having fun with friends.

A few years ago, she fell in love with screen printing and with her background in fashion, it didn't take long before she made this sophisticated technique one of her main services for clients. The screen printing can be produced live at an event and she teaches the skill at her own studio in Groningen or at the Art Centre BijVrijdag.  Willemijn tours around festivals during summer in her own festive and mobile stand that matches her work and personality: joyful, bright and energetic.

Her workshops are also very suitable for groups, cultural events and celebrations. 

You could have seen 'WILLEMYN' or might know her from:
Suikerunieterrein, De Wolkenfabriek, Hot Spot, Dot, Keukengebeuren, Drenthe College, North Bridge House School,
Diezijner, Reggae Fever, Plato Planet, Simplon, Kult, Swap your Stuff, Yellowyard, Garzetta, Elker, JBN,
Kluscafé, Smit Limousins, Hans Anders, Konvooi Exceptioneel.
You could have seen her screenprinting at:
Into The Woods, ADE, ADEhangover, Hongerige Wolf, Art Carnivale,
Biotoop, Swap your stuff, Alfa College, Zernike College, Oslofest,
BijVrijdag or in her own studio in Helpman.
Text written by Anouk Wortel
Video: Rue du labrador films
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